Inspired by two Norse goddesses.

Unless you are a fan of Norse mythology, it's unlikely you will have heard of Frigg, The Queen of Asgard, and her first maid and counsellor, Fulla. The two were very close. Frigg, would confide all of her secrets in Fulla. Without complaint, Fulla would quietly work behind the scenes to ensure that all of Frigg’s problems were taken care of. 


Consumerism has given fashion a bad name.

Fashion has an incredible way of creating conversation. It has the power to bring us together, to make us smile, to feel confident and bold.

We want to harness this power for good. By creating designs that tell a story we hope to create ripples of positive thoughts and actions that travel quietly from person to person.

Each collection is inspired by a cause we want to support by raising awareness and donating half the profits towards it.



Despite it’s potential to create a positive change in the world...

It's no secret that fashion has had an negative impact on many of the world’s ecosystems, environments and communities. This is why we have taken the following approach whilst continuously exploring ways to reduce our footprint:

  • Our products use 100% GOTS certified organic cotton, recycled polyester and other sustainable materials such as Modal®.

  • We use certified supplier partners ensure the rights practices are taking place from field to factory.

  • We only make what we need – Thanks to modern supply chain solutions we are able to produce each product to order as well as small batch runs.




We are always looking out for inspiration for our next collection.

If there’s a cause that you feel needs support, why not get in touch with our founder Eddy on